What's your style of hardwood floor?

With so many different varieties of wood, with so many different characters - it can be hard to decide which would best suit your home.

Just for fun.... try our quiz and see which is your style! Make a note of your answers and count up your score at the end....

1. What do you want to be the first thing that strikes you as you enter the room?
a  Furniture
b  Space
c  Elegance

2. What atmosphere do you want to create?
a  Sober:- everything has a special, well thought out place
b  Informal:- you should be able to feel and see that my home is alive
c  Representative:- it is important that my home has a certain class

3. What type of furniture do you have/intend to have in the room?
a  Modern or timeless
b  Rustic or simple
c  Antique

4. What colour are the walls/will the walls be?
a  In-between
b  Light
c  Dark

5. What sort of rugs do you have/are considering having on the floor?
a  Modern design rug
b  Woven simple rug
c  Genuine rug

6. Which description best suits you?
a   Aesthete: good design is the main priority
b  Connoisseur of the art of living: things must feel pleasant and comfortable
c  Classic: I appreciate classic, well made genuine things

7. How often do you/will you change the interior design?
a  Often
b  Seldom
c  Never

8. How many belongings do you have/are considering having?
a  Few
b  Little furniture - more small objects
c  A lot of furniture - fewer smaller objects

Count up your answers and see which letter dominates......

If you scored mostly 'a'
you would possibly be more suited to a clean grain, knot-free style of wood.  A floor with a pure style and a discreet uniform grade giving a tranquil, timeless look that defies decor and colour trends...
If you scored mostly 'b'
You could be more suited to a rustic, naturally warm style of wood.  A floor with a strong, natural feel, lively and exciting variations in colour and structure.  The perfect backdrop for a home with rustic charm
If you scored mostly 'c'
You could be more suited to a classic, period style of floor - for example herringbone or basketweave with a border.  Floors with classic patterns and contemporary combinations, bringing tradition up to date by using unusual wood species.  Elegant floors for a modern home.

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