Maintenance of your wooden floor.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your wooden floor and keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was laid....

1. Protecting your floor:- Firstly ensure that you put felt pads underneath your furniture feet - this will prevent dents or scratches. If your furniture is fitted with castors then we would recommend that you change these to a flat fitted 'foot' - called 'glides'. (Some furniture manufacturers will provide glides instead of the usual castors - these are ideal for your wooden floor, preventing any wheel dents).

2. Cleaning:- When washing your floor, we would recommend that you do not use detergents.  The most simple way of cleaning your floor is to dilute a couple of capfuls of vinegar in a bucket of warm water.  The water washes off any dirt while the vinegar neutralizes any grease.  Alternatively, use a cleaner designed specifically for wood floors - harsh detergents can strip the finish from your floor.  Make sure the mop or cloth has been wrung out so it's almost dry.  You want to avoid putting your floor in contact with excessive moisture.

3. Spillages:- quite simply, wipe up as fast as you can!  Use your common sense and make sure that any amounts of liquid are mopped up so they're not sitting on the floor. If liquid is left on the floor for any length of time - it will be absorbed by the floor and will cause swelling.

4. Scratches:-  Throughout the life of your floor, it's inevitable it will become scratched with normal wear and tear.  However, occasionally your floor might suffer some minor or some more serious scratches.

To remove minor scratches, you will need some very fine steel wool, varnish to match the finish of your floor and a small artists paint brush.

Take the steel wool and using the point of your finger gently rub over the length of the scratch (to remove the hard edge), wipe off the dust with a moist cloth and touch up with the appropriate varnish, the lighter the coat the better.  When the varnish is dry, the wood surface will feel rough.  Rub lightly again with the steel wool (again wiping off dust with your damp cloth) and re-apply a second coat.  Repeat this a third time, each time spreading out the area you are varnishing ever so slightly.  For the final trick, if your floor is already aged and does not have it's original shiny finish, once the last coat of varnish is dry, very lightly scuff the area with the steel wool to blend it in with the rest of your floor.

For deeper scratches all you need is coloured beeswax and a cotton cloth. The type of wood/colour of your floor will depend on the colour beeswax you will need.  You may need to get a number of different colours of wax so you can blend them to the perfect colour. (Manufacturer to look out for is Liberon which can be found in most general hardware stores).  All you need to do is to rub the wax into the deep scratch, making sure you fill it (and more).  Polish off the excess with a cotton cloth.  If your wax isn't quite the right shade, rub in a different colour on top - experiment until you get the colour right!

5. Dents:- To remove a dent from a soft wood such as pine, maple or beech - put a few drops of water in the dent.  Leave it to soak in.  This will cause the wood in the dent to expand and fill the void.  

For dents that aren't so deep, take a cotton cloth, wet it (but not so that it's soaking) - place it on top of the dent and put a hot iron on top of the cloth.  The steam will cause the dent to expand.

Below is a list of cleaning and maintenance products that can be used to keep your wooden floor looking good for years to come:

Karhs Maintenance products:

  Kahrs Cleaner (1 litre)
  - General purpose wood floor cleaner


  Kahrs Oil Refresher (1 litre)
  - To revitalise your floor after extended wear


  Kahrs Touch-up Lacquer (30ml)


Bona Maintenance Products:

Bona Parkett Cleaner (1 litre)


Bona Parkett Polish (1 litre)


Osmo Maintenance Products:

Wash & Care Cleaner (1 litre)


Liquid Wax Cleaner (1 litre)


W.O.C.A. Maintenance Kit

- Care and maintenance for your oiled solid wood floor
   Kit includes: 1 cleaning cloth, 1 scouring pad
   1 litre natural soap - removes every day dirt and provides a dirt and water resistant surface
   1 litre wood cleaner - removes heavy soiling, dirt and stains
   1 litre maintenance oil - final polishing and continued refreshing of oiled floors


W.O.C.A. Maintenance oil (1 litre)


If you wish to purchase any of the above products, please telephone 01252 710844 or e-mail


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