Welcome to Caber Floors!

The specialists in the supply and fit of all types of hardwood flooring.

At Caber Floors we want to give you quality hardwood floors at affordable prices.  

With over 25 years of hard experience dealing with wood and all it can throw at you.  Laying the floor is the easy part - laying the floor correctly is where the challenge lies.

In recent years we became so saddened with the poor workmanship and poor quality of materials used that we  set up our own company enabling us to guarantee my own high standards. 

There are many products on the market that have been poorly milled and cheaply manufactured.  Caber Floors will only ever use quality materials and it is for this reason that we realise that it is possible you may find a cheaper quote - but you will not find a company who cares about your floor the way we do.  We put our heart and soul into each job we carry out - taking time to get it right and giving the attention to detail that is often overlooked.

And Caber floors will always guarantee quality workmanship.  If a job is worth doing - it's worth doing right.

Call us now on 01252 710844 to arrange your free no obligation quotation

For more information of our products and services, or more examples of beautiful wooden floors in all types of settings - read on.......


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